What Does Sleek Mean In Slang?

What is an antonym of sleek?

smooth streamlined aerodynamic flowing.


rough unpolished colorless inauspicious unintelligent..

What does Chik mean?

As a term used to refer to a young woman, chick is slightly dated. Originally it was perceived as insulting because of the perception that it infantilized women. Now the word has been embraced by some women as a positive term of self-reference and an expression of camaraderie.

Is it Sheek or chic?

Chic is a French word, so remember, whether it’s an adjective or a noun, to pronounce it as “sheek” and not “chick,” so you can sound as chic as you look!

What does sleek hair mean?

The definition of sleek is someone or something that is smooth, glossy, shiny, well-groomed or sophisticated. Shiny and well-groomed hair is an example of hair that would be described as sleek.

What is a sentence for sleek?

Sleek sentence examples. The animals were sleek and their black fur shined in the sunlight. Toni held up a sleek phone and Bluetooth earpiece. She ran her hand down his sleek neck and hugged him.

What does Sheek mean?

The adjective chic (pronounced sheek) comes from French. It means conforming to the current fashion, stylish, or sophisticated. Sheik (which is pronounced either shake or sheek) refers to (1) an Islamic religious official, or (2) a leader of an Arab family or village.

What does g4 mean in slang?

TV for GamersTV for Gamers (cable TV) showing only Slang/Internet Slang definitions (show all 10 definitions) Note: We have 4 other definitions for G4 in our Acronym Attic.

What is sty in texting?

STY means “Same To You”. The abbreviation STY is used with the meaning “Same To You” as a way of reciprocating a greeting, expression of goodwill or insult.

What does sleek mean in texting?

A: In dictionary terms it means smooth and like glossy, but if you’re talking about “sleek” as slang then it means like nice or good.

What is another word for classy?

In this page you can discover 29 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for classy, like: elegant, stylish, inelegant, mod, swish, chic, fashionable, posh, slick, tony and unstylish.

What is another word for cool?

What is another word for cool?chillycoldchillarcticcoldishfrigidfrostygelidnippywintryUS68 more rows

What does still mean UK slang?

Styll sounds like “still” but it means you agree or it’s true. It’s like the 80’s saying, “word.”

Does Chic mean girl?

Therefore, chick can describe a pretty (and usually) very young female, but it also implies that the woman is vacuous and empty-headed.

What does elegant mean in English?

adjective. tastefully fine or luxurious in dress, style, design, etc.: elegant furnishings. gracefully refined and dignified, as in tastes, habits, or literary style: an elegant young gentleman; an elegant prosodist. graceful in form or movement: an elegant wave of the hand.

What does quirkiness mean?

quirkiness – a strange attitude or habit. queerness, quirk, oddity, crotchet. strangeness, unfamiliarity – unusualness as a consequence of not being well known.

What is a sleek person?

adjective, sleek·er, sleek·est. smooth in manners, speech, etc.; suave. cleverly or deceitfully skillful; slick: a sleek confidence man.

What does Styl mean in slang?

Speak to You LaterSTYL means “Speak to You Later”.

What is another word for sleek?

The words glossy and slick are common synonyms of sleek.