What Does Encasing Mean?

What is another word for encased?

What is another word for encased?framedborderedenclosedmountedwrappedclaspedcompassedconfinedencircledenveloped3 more rows.

What is the opposite of encased?

Opposite of covered or protected. uncovered. unwrapped.

What is encashment leave?

Leave encashment refers to an amount of money received in exchange for a period of leave not availed by an employee. Encashment of accumulated leave can be availed by an employee at the time of retirement, during the continuation of service or at the time of leaving the job.

What does encashment mean?

encashment (countable and uncountable, plural encashments) (finance) The payment in cash of a note, draft, etc.

What does encode mean?

transitive verb. 1a : to convert (something, such as a body of information) from one system of communication into another especially : to convert (a message) into code. b : to convey symbolically the capacity of poetry to encode ideology— J. D. Niles. 2 : to specify the genetic code for.

Is encase a word?

“Encase” is a verb, defined in dictionaries, referring to being covered completely in something else. … What you should remember, anyway, is that “encase” is a formal word, used as a verb. “Incase”, on the other hand, does not exist.

How do you encash annual leave?

You can either encash or clear your annual leave if your employment was terminated. If the unused leave is encashed, it should be calculated at the gross rate of pay based on your last drawn salary. However, if an employee is terminated for misconduct, any unused leave will be forfeited.

What does the word encased mean?

: to cover or surround : enclose in or as if in a case … doctors had … encased the numb side of his body in a cast.—

Which word goes with convince?

What is another word for convince?inducepersuadehookinfluencesellbrainwashconvertdrawpromptsatisfy233 more rows

What does encode mean in communication?

Encoding is the process of turning thoughts into communication. The encoder uses a ‘medium’ to send the message — a phone call, email, text message, face-to-face meeting, or other communication tool. The level of conscious thought that goes into encoding messages may vary.

What is a sentence for encased?

1 The witness box was encased in fences. 2 When nuclear fuel is manufactured it is encased in metal cans. 3 His broken leg was encased in plaster. 4 His upper body was completely encased in bandages.

What does just in case mean?

phrase. You can say that you are doing something just in case to refer vaguely to the possibility that a thing might happen or be true, without saying exactly what it is.

What does it mean to encash a Cheque?

Convert (a cheque, money order, bond, etc.) into money. … ‘He encashed a cheque and when he started distributing the cash to the staff members present in the bank he found some was missing.

What is an example of encoding?

When information comes into our memory system (from sensory input), it needs to be changed into a form that the system can cope with, so that it can be stored. For example, a word which is seen (in a book) may be stored if it is changed (encoded) into a sound or a meaning (i.e. semantic processing). …

What does it mean when your package is encoded?

— ENCODED. — Hub Sorter Receipt Scan. — RECEIVED. — The package has entered the SHENZHEN station,Receiving finish.