Quick Answer: What Does By A Mile Mean?

What does run a mile mean?

If you say that someone would run a mile when faced with a particular situation, you mean that they would be very frightened or unwilling to deal with it.


What is the meaning of under fire?

phrase. If you come under fire from someone or are under fire, they criticize you strongly. The president’s plan came under fire for including spending cuts.

What does rigorously mean?

adjective. characterized by rigor; rigidly severe or harsh, as people, rules, or discipline: rigorous laws. severely exact or accurate; precise: rigorous research. (of weather or climate) uncomfortably severe or harsh; extremely inclement.

What is a long shot in football?

You stand on one side of the goal and a helper or player stands on the other. … You have to hit a long hard pass to the player, who has one-touch, then must shoot from long range. As soon as the shot is either saved, scored or missed, the helper plays a short ball which the player must place into the goal.

How many Kilo is a mile?

1.60934 kilometersA mile is equal to approximately 1.60934 kilometers.

What does by a long shot mean?

by a long shot in American English by any means; by a measurable degree. They haven’t finished by a long shot.

What criticize means?

: to act as a critic. transitive verb. 1 : to consider the merits and demerits of and judge accordingly : evaluate He asked me to criticize his drawings. 2 : to find fault with : point out the faults of His boss criticized him for his sloppy work.

What is the short word for miles?

mi.The abbreviation mi. is very commonly used. You’ll see it on road signs, expense reports, and maps. Miles can also be written using shorthand acronyms, such as miles per hour (MPH) or miles per gallon (MPG).

What’s a lost cause?

: a person or thing that is certain to fail She decided her acting career was a lost cause.

Are you up and about meaning?

If someone who has been in bed for some time, for example because they have been ill, is up and about, they are now out of bed and living their normal life. How are you Lennox?

Where does the term long shot come from?

Originating sometime in the late 1700s, the phrase refers to the likelihood of hitting a target that is very far away. Long shot came to be used in horse racing in the mid-1800s to mean a horse that had very little chance of winning. Today, not by a long shot is used in everyday language, primarily in North America.

What does not by a long shot mean?

Definition of not by a long shot : not at all Our work isn’t done yet, not by a long shot.

What is another word for Mile?

Mile Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for mile?afarnauticalsquarestatutefar crylong haulcountry milegreat distancegood wayfar piece

What is another name for miles?

What is another word for miles?squaresstatutelong haulcountry miles