Quick Answer: What Does Angelic Mean In English?

What does the angel do?

An angel is a supernatural being in various religions.

The theological study of angels is known as angelology.

Abrahamic religions often depict them as benevolent celestial intermediaries between God (or Heaven) and humanity.

Other roles include protectors and guides for humans, and servants of God..

What means divine?

(Entry 1 of 3) 1 religion. a : of, relating to, or proceeding directly from God (see god entry 1 sense 1) or a god (see god entry 1 sense 2) divine inspiration divine love praying for divine intervention. b : being a deity the divine Savior a divine ruler.

What does worldly mean?

1 : of, relating to, or devoted to this world and its pursuits rather than to religion or spiritual affairs. 2 : worldly-wise.

What is another word for angelic?

SYNONYMS FOR angelic 1 ethereal, celestial, saintly, beatific, seraphic, cherubic.

What is the opposite of angelic?

What is the opposite of angelic?demonicinfernalsinfulunkindwickedMephistophelianblackdemoniacaldemoniacunspeakable44 more rows

Is Angel a boy or girl?

Angel is a given name meaning “angel”, “messenger”. In the English-speaking world Angel is used for both boys and girls.

Who are the 7 angels of God?

Seven angels or archangels correspond to days of the week: Michael (Sunday), Gabriel (Monday), Uriel (Tuesday), Raphael (Wednesday), Selaphiel (Thursday), Raguel or Jegudiel (Friday), and Barachiel (Saturday).

What is the meaning of celestial?

1 : of, relating to, or suggesting heaven or divinity celestial beings. 2 : of or relating to the sky or visible heavens the sun, moon, and stars are celestial bodies.

What do you mean by angelic?

The adjective angelic can describe anything related to angels or resembling an angel. … It can refer to actual angels, as in an angelic choir, which is a bunch of singing angels. Or it can be used to describe someone or something that has the sweet and gentle qualities of an angel.

How do you describe an angelic person?

You can describe someone as angelic if they are, or seem to be, very good, kind, and gentle. Angelic means like angels or relating to angels. …