Quick Answer: How Do I Delete Text From A Scanned PDF?

How do I remove text from a scanned picture?

To erase text from a scanned document document online you can use ScanWritr’s eraser tool.

Just go to the ScanWritr web and upload the document you want to edit.

Erase unwanted text or background, then fill document, sign it, preview it, export it and that’s it..

How do I clean up a scanned PDF?

There are two ways you can clean up content in a PDF:Use the Redaction tools (Acrobat Pro only) and redact using the “No Color” option. See my Redaction Guide for instructions.Use the Edit Image option and an external editor to clean up the PDF.

How can I erase something on a PDF?

There are two ways to “erase” text. One is to use the “Edit Text & Images” tool (Tools>Content Editing>Edit Text & Images). With the tool active, you can then select text and delete it.

How do I remove personal information from a PDF?

To check for and remove personal information from Adobe PDF files from Acrobat versions DC and above:Open the PDF document.Choose “Tools” and then select “Redact.”Choose “Remove Hidden Information” and wait for the tool to finish running.If any items appear in the Results, click “Remove.”More items…