Question: What Is Comex CSC Exam?

How do I use Comex CSC?


Availing CSC COMEXAccess the CSC COMEX website the homepage, click the “Sign Up Now!” …

Fill out completely the online Registration Form.Submit the form by clicking the “Submit” button.More items….

Is civil service exam difficult?

Attempts at Civil Services Examination So, clearing Civil Services prelims exam is not very difficult, if you plan to crack it. You need proper planning, better understanding of the syllabus for hitting the bull’s eye in the very first attempt.

How can I pass civil service exam professional?

Top 20 Tips to Pass the Civil Service ExamTip #1. Know the coverage and format of the civil service exam.Tip #2. Do not rely on luck or leave it to chance.Tip #3. Study.Tip #4. Read. Do not memorize.Tip #5. Choose a good reviewer.Tip #6. Attend a quick refresher course.Tip #7. Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses.Tip #8. Form a study group.More items…•

How can I open Aadhar Card 2020?

To open a new Aadhaar center, you have to provide a supervisor It is compulsory to have a credit card and if you have an operator’s certificate, then you can play the operator’s role inside another supervisor.

What is CSC Professional exam?

Also known as the Career Service Examination, the Civil Service Examination (CSE), is an annual eligibility exam for individuals who want to pursue a career in the government. … Passing the CSE is required for everyone who wants a job in the government.

What percentage do you need to pass the civil service exam?

70%Passing scores tend to fall in the 70% range. To actually land the job, candidates must also provide resumes, interviews, and letters of reference, and may need to take more specialized tests.

Where can I file civil service exam 2020?

Applicants must personally file their applications at the CSC Regional Office (CSC RO), or at any of the CSC RO’s Field Offices, where they intend to take the examination.

How do I open the CSC center in 2020?

Visit on “View Credentials” tab.Enter 12 digit CSC ID, captcha code, check consent and proceed by clicking on “Submit” button.Finally, CSC credentials will open.

Who can apply for CSC center?

Applicant should be a village youth above 18 years of age. Applicant must have passed the 10th level examination from a recognized board as minimum level of educational qualification. Applicant should be fluent in reading and writing the local dialect and should also have basic knowledge of English language.

What is the difference of PPT and Comex?

A: The difference between the PPT and COMEX are 1) the manner of filing of application, 2) the examination fee, 3) the manner of taking the examination, and 4) the number of days test results are released. … Also, both the PPT and the COMEX contained the same number of test questions and have the same time limit.

How do I apply for Comex exam?

To apply for COMEX, an individual must create a user account in the COMEX website, Once activated, the user will have access to the Examination Schedules and may reserve an examination slot through the COMEX Reservation website ( comexreservation/user).

How can I register for civil service exam?

How to apply for IAS Exam 2020?Visit the official website of UPSC- on Exam Notifications tab.Click on Apply Online link.Click on the link available for Civil Services Part-I registration.Read the application form instructions carefully and click on Yes.

How can I create account in CSC?

Follow the simple steps and complete the registration process.Select the application type for enrollment from the drop down menu.Enter valid TEC certificate number which will be provided post TEC completion.Enter valid SHG code.Enter valid RDD code.Enter valid DOP code.Enter your active mobile number.More items…

What is the meaning of pen paper test?

Congruence and similarity testCongruence and similarity test This pen-and-paper test is a thorough examination of congruence and similarity. Students are required to communicate their understanding in a variety of ways.

How do I apply for CSC online?

Apply for CSC Center OnlineOpen the CSC Portal i.e. on “Interested to become a CSC” on the left side of the page.Click on Link given ” For CSC Registration, Click Here”Enter the Aadhar Number in required box.After that choose the authentication Option from IRIS/ Finger Print/ One Time Password. … Click on Generate OTP.More items…

What is Comex exam?

What is CSC-COMEX? The Civil Service Commission Computerized Examination (CSC-COMEX) is a system that will automate and integrate each step in the administration of computerized examination, making the entire process faster, easier, and more efficient.