Question: What Happens When You File An IG Complaint?

What does an IG complaint do?

Grievances: Inspector General Complaints An Inspector General (IG) investigates fraud, waste, and abuse, as well as threats to public safety and morale.

An IG conducts administrative reviews, inquiries, or investigations to resolve complaints.

However, IG complaints may be useful to ensure whistleblower protection..

Can a military spouse file an IG complaint?

Any Army military or civilian member may file an IG complaint. … Depending on the circumstances, the IG may also accept complaints from dependents or relatives of active duty members and retirees and their dependents.

What happens during an IG investigation?

An investigative plan outlines the pertinent facts of an allegation and how to best obtain evidence that will either prove or disprove matters essential to the offense alleged. Investigative activities include examination of documents, such as files, contracts, vouchers, reports, and memoranda.

What is the purpose of IG?

Instagram is an entirely visual platform. Unlike Facebook, which relies on both text and pictures, or Twitter, which relies on text alone, Instagram’s sole purpose is to enable users to share images or videos with their audience. On Facebook, you might choose to post 100 photos in an album.

What does Air Force IG do?

The Inspector General (SAF/IG) advises the Secretary of the Air Force and the Chief of Staff of the Air Force on the readiness, economy, efficiency, and state of discipline of the Air Force. … SAF/IG guides the evaluation of Air Force activities, personnel, and policies through AFIA.

Can I file an anonymous IG complaint?

ANONYMOUS FILING STATUS: If you file your complaint anonymously, we will not know who you are, and we will not be able to contact you to request additional information. A quicker way to resolve your complaint, could be to first contact your local or command-level Inspector General’s Office.

How long does an IG investigation take?

within 90 daysAnswer: Most investigations are completed within 90 days, but can take longer depending on the complexity of the case. 12. Question: How do you determine the status of your complaint or obtain a copy of the report? Answer: Contact the IG office where you submitted your complaint.

How do you start an IG complaint?

Answer 2: How do I file an IG complaint? The best method for filing an IG complaint is by filling out the AF Form 102, Inspector General Personal and Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Complaint Registration, available on the Air Force Publishing website. Complete all the personal information so that the IG can later contact you.

How long is Army IG school?

1. Purpose: The U.S. Army Inspector General School’s curriculum for the three-week Basic Course represents the training requirements for all new Inspectors General and how those requirements derive from the critical tasks an Inspector General must be able to perform prior to assuming his or her duties in the field.

Can a civilian sue a military member?

A civilian has the right to sue the military under the FTCA for negligence. The right extends to veterans and military dependents. … The Feres Doctrine is from a 1950 U.S. Supreme Court case in which the court ruled that active-duty service members are barred from filing negligence claims against the government.

Is kissing considered adultery in the military?

No. Adultery requires a sex act with someone not your spouse, or with the spouse of another. A kiss does not qualify.

Which of the following are inspector general responsibilities?

The inspector General performs the following four functions: Inspections, Assistance, Investigations and Teaching and Training.

How do I file a complaint with army reserves on Instagram?

Inspector General Home.Filing with Inspector General.Locate an Inspector General Office.Frequently Asked Questions.Become an IG (CAC enabled only)Resources.Contact USARC IG Staff. USARC IG Information: 855-560-3805 (Toll-Free) 910-570-8218 (Commercial)

Can someone in the military get in trouble for cheating?

Draconian military punishments for adultery. The military penalty remains pretty harsh: up to a year in confinement plus a dishonorable discharge, which entails the forfeiture of all retirement pay. But a soldier’s odds of facing such punishment are slim, at least if adultery is all they’re charged with.

How do I contact the Department of the Army?

Agency DetailsWebsite: U.S. Army.Contact: Contact the U.S. Army.Local Offices: Army Recruiter Locator. Find Army Installations.Phone Number: 1-703-695-6518.