How Long Is RFA Training?

What is the maximum age to join the Royal Navy?

You can join the Royal Navy if you’re aged 16 to 39, dependent on the role you choose.

The shortest Royal Navy career is four years, but you can choose to serve up to 22 years and beyond, depending on the needs of the Service.

If you’re too young to apply, you can join the Sea Cadets..

What does the RFA do?

The Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA) delivers worldwide logistic and operational support to Royal Navy military operations. They are the uniformed civilian branch of the Naval Service, staffed by UK merchant sailors.

Does the UK have Marines?

The Royal Marines are the UK’s Commando Force and the Royal Navy’s own amphibious troops. They are an elite fighting force, optimised for worldwide rapid response and are able to deal with a wide spectrum of threats and security challenges.

Can I wear my ISAF medal?

Dear Ministry of Defence, It is my understanding that soldiers serving in the British army are not permitted to accept or wear the NATO “ISAF” medal on their uniforms as they would have received an alternative British campaign medal such as the Operational Service Medal.

Do the Navy use guns?

Therefore, during Navy basic training, you won’t get to fire the M-16 rifle. Instead, you qualify with the M-9 pistol and the Mossberg 500 shotgun. The Navy is unique in that before you get to handle an actual weapon, you get a chance to fire the weapon on a computerized simulator.

What guns do the Royal Navy use?

SA80 A2 ACOG. Rifle. The SA80 A2 ACOG is the standard Royal Marine weapon, capable of firing single rounds or burst. … 9mm pistol. Pistol weapon. The pistol is a close combat weapon. … SA80 A2 + UGL. Under-slung grenade launcher. … L109A1. Grenade.

Do RFA ships have weapons?

Determined by their tasking, Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA) ships are armed with active weapon systems (AWS) for self-protection. Each ship is fit to receive Phalanx and 20mm or 30mm close range guns; with the exception of RFA TIDESPRING which is yet to be fitted for AWS. All RFA ships may also carry small arms.

What age can you join the merchant navy?

from age 16You can join the merchant navy from age 16 onwards as an officer cadet or marine apprentice and train as a deck rating. You will at least four GCSEs (grades A-C), or equivalent qualifications.

Are war medals valuable?

Put simply, yes! War medals are worth money, but how much you make when selling them depends on a lot of factors. If your medals are in great condition they will make more money than if they are damaged. If you have the original papers and presentation boxes that go with your medals they will also be worth more.

What order should Medals be mounted?

The Order of Precedence is typically: ‘British awards by date’, so first come Orders, next Decorations, then followed by medals. The eldest medal nearest the centre of the chest. The obverse (front) of the medal should be showing, this is usually the head of the sovereign or coat of arms.

Do Royal Navy ships have WIFI?

Many units now have Wi-fi, so Facebook, FaceTime, WhatsApp and Instagram can be used on deployment.

Does the Royal Navy have a hospital ship?

RFA Argus is a Primary Casualty Receiving Ship of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary. With a 100-bed medical complex on board, she acts as a floating medical facility during times of crisis or war.

Are the RFA armed?

They are a uniformed civilian branch of the Royal Navy staffed by British merchant sailors. RFA personnel are employees of the Ministry of Defence and special members of the Royal Naval Reserve, civilians who must be part of the Armed Forces in some capacity in order to carry out specialist military operations.

Do the RFA get medals?

The Royal Fleet Auxiliary Service Medal is a long service medal presented to the officers, petty officers, and rates of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA) who complete 20 years of service. … In 2001, a Royal Warrant was promulgated establishing the medal to recognize the long and efficient service the RFA personnel.

How do I join the RFA?

How to join the RFAYou need to be aged 16, with no upper age limit.Applicants must be British, Irish or Commonwealth citizens. … Commonwealth citizens must meet the RFA residency criteria.More items…

How many RFA ships are there?

13 shipsThe RFA Fleet consists of 13 ships; 1 x Primary Casualty Reception/Aviation Training Ship (RFA Argus) 3 x Bay Class Landing /Docking Ships (RFA Cardigan Bay, RFA Lyme Bay, RFA Mounts Bay) 3 x Fort Class Fleet Solid Support Ships (RFA Fort Austin, RFA Fort Rosalie, RFA Fort Victoria)

Do civilians work on Navy ships?

* The Navy is going to test-drive using contract workers to do “scut work” aboard some of its ships. … Hoping to end such scenarios, the Navy last week launched a first-ever experiment to place 17 civilian mariners aboard a military ship. They’ll perform mess and laundry tasks both at port and during deployments.

What ships do Royal Marines serve on?

The Royal Marines operate three dedicated patrol vessels of the Island-class based at HMNB Clyde. They are tasked with protecting high value Royal Navy ships such as the Vanguard-class submarines. The vessels -called Mull, Rona and Eorsa- are ex MoD Police boats.